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Managed on GitHub through Macmillan Publishers

Bookmaker is an open-source toolkit to make books out of Word .docx files and HTMLBook HTML files (it can accept either type of file as input). It was developed as part of a pilot project to try to make books with almost no budget, and it is currently in use today at Macmillan.

The Macmillan InDesign Style Reporter Scripts

Managed on GitHub through Macmillan Publishers

ParaStyleList: Creates a list of the paragraph styles in use in the document and the first page on which they occur. (Useful for compiling design sample pages.)

StylesReport: Returns a sequential list of paragraph styles in use for every single paragraph in the main text story. (Useful for diffing style changes.)

Nellie's Re-EPUB Script

Archived on GitHub

Everyone has one of these: a command line script for re-zipping EPUB files that you've cracked open and edited.